1. the single/everyday life

  2. The saddest part of the whole episode. I balled my eyes out at this part.

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  3. Haven’t had school since Monday due to snow…and they’re calling for more snow? Great, just great. 


  4. went out in the snow today…didn’t have that much fun as I should. I like the warmth of the inside of my home


  5. lovely snow

    hmmm….gotta love this oh so lovely snow I have here.

  6. belkining:

    Chris brings down the hammer for Japan!!

    oh my goodness! :D

  7. issmallerontheoutside:

    by loweak

    Blink and you are DEAD

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  8. Sitting alone

    So here I am sitting alone in Starbucks drinking coffee and staring out the window. I wonder if my friend is going to show up and not bail on me


  9. O.O

    What if my whole life is a lie?


  10. I thought he looked familiar!!!! :o

    How did I not remember this! - http://pinterest.com/pin/202310208233485132/